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Welcome to the official Wizards Alliance Guild Clan Website.!

Guild Rules
1. Respect Others
2. Deposit Occasionally
3. Share (Epics)
4. After hunting store epics
5. Have Fun!

Guild Epics
x2 inferno hammers
x1 Javelin
x1 Ward
x1 Deep Water Choker

Information About Wizards Academy Guild
We were founded by a fs player determined to share his personal fs experiences with other dedicated fs players he then founded the guild wizards academy growing was slow at first a few people joined and then came along stoned77 came along and donated 1000 fsp in upgrades i then left came back tagged epics and gear and then that is how the guild is founded we are currently intrested in all players GVG,Hunters, Titan Hunters,PVP
If you would like to join apply now or ask ironman7 or Waravyn thanks.!
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